Leadership Bios

  • President

    Chiderah Okoye-Nordee | President

    Chiderah is the Inside Sales Manager for Northeast Electrical Distributors industrial division. She received her B.S in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Chiderah started her career in industrial controls working as a Channel Sales Engineer for Rockwell Automation. She then became the State Director for Venly, a Cambridge-based initiative to help local businesses grow through the support of community social media consultants.

    Chiderah’s hopes to “use her piggy bank of 4-years being part of the executive board experience to broaden our partnerships and drive more value to the communities we serve.”

  • Vice President

    Chelsie Librun | Vice President

    Chelsie is a Systems Engineer at Raytheon. She received her B.S in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. Chelsie began her career as a Systems Integration Analyst with Accenture.

    Chelsie’s hopes to “increase the number of NSBE members in the Greater Boston area and improve upon how we market our mission”

  • Secretary

    Ladi Olaoye | Secretary

    Ladi is a Project Manager at Bain Capital. He received his B.S in Industrial Engineering Technology from Tennessee State University. Ladi began his career in Supply Chain Operations at PepsiCo and was a consultant in Healthcare IT Solutions.

    Ladi hopes to “use his communication skills to promote NSBE Boston within the Greater Boston community and maintain dialogue with other professional organizations.”

  • Treasurer

    Ledum Nordee | Treasurer

    Ledum is a Technical Global Product Manager at Mersen where he oversees their Medium Voltage fuses and fuse gear lines. He received his M.S in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and his B.S in Electrical Engineering from the State University at Buffalo. Ledum began his career as a student intern with National Grid before moving on to work with them full-time. He also worked as a Power Systems Engineer at Eaton.

    Ledum has held numerous leadership positions within NSBE on the chapter and regional level. He currently serves as the Treasurer on the Region I Professional Executive Board.

    Ledum hopes to “contribute and share best practices to the NSBE-Boston Professional chapter’s long-term financial vitality”

  • Programs Chair

    O'Dane White | Programs Chair

    O’Dane is a Project Manager at Janey Construction. He received his B.S in Facilities Planning and Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology and his currently pursuing his M.S in Construction Management from Northeastern University. O’Dane started his career as an Assistant Project Manager at Diversified Project Management (DPM).

    O’Dane hopes to “bring growth in membership as well as support for both PCI and Collegiate NSBE members. He also plans to lead an effort for the chapter to sponsor a new PCI chapter to the 2017 NSBE Convention.”

  • Membership Chair

    Anecia Richards | Membership Chair

    Anecia is an Engineering Assistant at Turner Construction Company. She is responsible for assisting project engineers and project managers coordinate various trades with subcontractors. Anecia received her B.S in Engineering from Tufts University.

    Anecia hopes to “show members the value of being paid members, both nationally and within our local chapter. She also hopes to encourage new members to be active participants in chapter committees.”

  • Finance Chair, Corporate Relations Lead

    Dora Agyare | Finance Chair, Corporate Relations Lead

    Dora is the Executive Assistant to the Secretary of Veterans’ Services. She is responsible for streamlining the internal and external communication of the agency, conflict resolution, and assist with HR protocols. Dora received her B.S in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and started her career interning for various state government agencies before working for the Department of Veterans’ Services

    Dora hopes to “recruit more non-Engineers and corporate partners who are passionate about NSBE’s goals and mission.”

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Jonathan Pierre | Assistant Treasurer

    Jonathan is an Engineer at Parker Hannifin Corporation. He received his B.S in Electromechanical Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Jonathan started his career as a Field Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

    Jonathan hopes to “leverage his leadership skills on the board and extend NSBE’s reach into the community”

  • Telecommunications Chair

    Lanelle Sneed | Telecommunications Chair

    Lanelle is a Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Cengage Learning. She received her B.S in Computer Information Systems from Northeastern University. Lanelle began her career as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Air Worldwide.

    Lanelle hopes to “bring her unique perspective and opinions to NSBE Boston, while expanding our audience of engineers and professionals in technology.”

  • Collegiate Chair

    Laurie Borgella | Collegiate Chair

    Laurie is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire where she received her B.S in Neuroscience and Behavior. In the near future, she hopes to complete a post-baccalaureate before attending Medical School.

    Laurie hopes to “encourage recent graduates to continue their involvement with NSBE and attract post-graduate students to the organization”

  • Pre-College Initiative Chair

    Leonard (Lenny) St Fort | Pre-College Initiative Chair

    Leonard is a Systems Engineer for General Dynamic. He recently received his B.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts - Lowell. Lenny works on the weapon control systems for the United States Navy submarines.

    Lenny hopes to “be a light to the youth of today to give them hope for a better tomorrow. He wants the young to learn that anything is possible.”

  • Professional Networking Chair

    Brandon Keith | Professional Networking Chair

    Brandon is a Programmable Logic Engineer at ViaSat, Inc. He is responsible for the FPGA design and verification for government and military-based wireless communication systems. Brandon received his B.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Temple University.

    Brandon hopes to “support NSBE Boston as it continues to flourish and satisfy its overall mission of ‘increasing the number. Specifically, as the Professional Networking Chair, he hopes to make the chapter more cohesive and well-connected.”

  • Professional Development Chair

    Tyrone Ross, Jr | Professional Development Chair

    Tyrone is a Program Manager for Product Operations at Akamai Technologies. He received his M.S in Industrial and Systems Engineering from San Jose State University and his B.S in Human Factors Psychology from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Prior to his current role, Tyrone spent 4- years as a Marine Command and Control officer before working for IBM as a delivery project manager.

    Tyrone hopes to “focus on impactful and diverse programming that will help our members succeed professionally”

  • Public Relations Chair

    Loren Murphy | Public Relations Chair

    Loren is a Client Technical Specialist at IBM. She is responsible for working with IBM’s business partners to embed software analytics into their solutions. Loren received her M.S in Computing from Marquette University and a B.S in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Virginia. Prior to IBM, Loren worked as a design and software engineer for GE Healthcare and specialized in medical imaging and asset management.

    Loren hopes to “extend NSBE Boston’s reach into the community as it becomes a premier STEM organization in the area.”

  • PCI Co-chair, BOSSquad Event Coordinator

    Aubrielle Kituuma | PCI Co-chair, BOSSquad Event Coordinator

    Aubrielle is a Senior Behavior Therapist and Graduate Intern at Applied Behavior Analysis Consultation and Services (ABACS), LLC. She teaches children diagnosed with Autism skills using techniques based in the principles of applied behavior analysis. Aubrielle received her B.A in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Swarthmore College and is currently pursuing her M.S in Behavior Analysis from Salem State University. Aubrielle started her career as a Residential Counselor at Germaine Lawrence School for Girls.

    Aubrielle hopes to “bring her passion for working with youth and her experience in various positions with youth-serving non-profit organizations.”

  • PCI Co-chair, BOSSquad Director

    Nathan Kituuma | PCI Co-chair, BOSSquad Director

    Nathan Kituuma is a Project Engineer at California Pellet Mill. He supports process improvement initiatives related to creating standards for documentation. Nathan received his B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology. He started his career as a Technical Buyer with Lawrence Pumps, a Flowserve Company. While there, he collaborated with the manufacturing, engineering, production, quality and application engineering teams on a daily basis.

    Nathan hopes to “enhance the PCI programming by utilizing expertise of the vast network found within NSBE, to create content for students that inspire and engage them monthly, with hands-on STEM activities.”

  • Parliamentarian

    Ibinabo Koleosho | Parliamentarian

    Ibinabo is a Business Development Associate at MaxMind, Inc. She is responsible for drafting and negotiating software license agreements. Ibinabo received her J.D from Northeastern University and her B.A in Political Science from University of Minnesota. Prior to MaxMind, Ibinabo worked as a legal fellow at the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project where she investigated old civil rights cases and supervised law students with their investigations.

    Ibinabo hopes to “use her skills and experience to improve our internal processes and procedures.

  • President Emeritus

    Al-Amin Ahmed | President Emeritus

    Al-Amin is a Test Engineer at Lockheed Martin. He received his B.S in Electronics Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Al-Amin began his career as a Test Technician with New Age Technologies.

    Al-amin hopes to “support the chapter through his ongoing participation and feedback to the leadership”.

  • Chapter Advisor

    Michael Burt | Chapter Advisor

    Michael is a Technical Solutions Manager at Cisco Systems. His primary area of responsibility is Contact Center design, install and deployment for Cisco's top customers around the globe.

    Michael started his career in the Telecomm industry working in Software Quality Assurance, Sales and later moved back to Software Engineering. Michael received his B.S in Computer Science and Psychology from Merrimack College.

    Michael hopes to “improve organizational best practices and increase national exposure for NSBE BOSTON!”

  • Chapter Advisor

    Andre Kelly | Chapter Advisor

    Andre is a Cloud Product Manager at Google where he is responsible for computing products and applications. Andre received his MBA from The University of Massachusetts and his B.S in Electrical Engineering from MIT. He started his career as an ASIC Development Engineer at LSI Corporation.

    Andre hopes to “provide historical context and advice on chapter strategy and operations, based on his previous years of being on the Executive Board.”