#NSBEVotes – Message from the NSBE National Chair


Originally published on 11/7/16 by www.NSBE.org


Hello, NSBE family.

I am writing to you today regarding one of the most pivotal elections in our nation’s history. As I travel around this country speaking with our members, it has become evidently clear that young black voters are not engaged during this election cycle. Many of our collegiate members are now eligible to vote for the first time in their lives, yet lack the motivation to do so. A common refrain being vocalized is, “The presidential candidates are not speaking to the issues that most concern us, so why should I be engaged in the electoral process?” If America’s history of voter suppression and the sacrifices of many to obtain and protect voting rights for all are not convincing enough, here are two other key reasons why I believe it is critical for our membership to turn out at the polls this Tuesday (if you haven’t voted already).

  1. A lack of young black voters turning out at the polls sends the wrong message to aspiring, young black politicians. Why should they be concerned with the needs of our community if we have little influence on their ability to attain and retain elected positions? We must become informed and engaged politically to enforce accountability and influence policy at the local, state and federal levels.
  2. The 2017 national budget includes $4 billion in mandatory spending and more than $3 billion in discretionary spending specifically earmarked for STEM education, across all of the federal agencies. Another $68 billion is allocated for non-defense R&D spending. If our members are focused on attaining a STEM education and becoming future professionals/entrepreneurs in this space, we should strongly consider candidates who understand the importance of STEM to this country’s vitality and stature in an increasingly global economy. More important, those same candidates must acknowledge the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in ensuring that all people have access to one of the highest-paying and fastest-growing sectors of our economy.

Toward this end, as national chair of this organization, I am charging you to exercise your right to vote. Do your research on all the positions and referendums on your local ballot. If you can pass calculus and thermodynamics, there is no excuse for showing up at the polls uninformed. Convince your fellow chapter members to do the same. Graduating 10K black engineers annually by 2025 is just a pipe dream without the support of policymakers at every level of government.

Once you have voted, take a photo, and share it using the hashtag #NSBEVotes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. I look forward to the impact that NSBE will make on this and future elections.


Matthew C. Nelson
National Chair
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Phone: (703) 332-9532
Twitter: @STEMLifestyle
Instagram: TheSTEMLifestyle

2016 Draper Technical Challenge Competition



As part of Draper’s educational outreach and support for NSBE Region 1, they are sponsoring a Technical Challenge Competition that will be taking place at the Fall Regional Conference.

The technical challenge competition will showcase the innovative problem solving, technical writing, and presentation skills of NSBE members. Registration is currently open to all NSBE Members in Region 1 and final selections will be made in November 2016.

Four finalist(s) will be selected to present their solutions during the conference and one winner will be selected from them. Three finalists will receive scholarship awards. The Technical Challenge competition is open to both Students & Professional members.

Register for the Drake Technical Challenge Competition


Upcoming Event 2016 NSBE Fall Regional Conference (FRC)

Date: Nov 17th – 20th

Location: Niagara Falls, NY

Register to attend the 2016 Fall Regional Conference

You know what the end of Summer means…more NSBE!

As the Summer is drawing to its inevitable end and you’re feeling that pang of panic about the Fall to come..fear not! The NSBE Boston Professionals have you covered!

Our hope is that your weekends were full of time spent on the beach, visiting family, and catching some much needed downtime. Over the last few weeks the new NSBE Boston Professional board has been in full swing preparing another year of awesome programming for our technical professionals, youth, and community.

Look out for news and updates about how to get involved and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Enjoy these pictures from last Saturday’s leadership planning retreat at Google!



Board goal alignment meeting


Program zone planning session


Communications Zone breakout session


Finance Zone collaborating at Google


Upcoming events:

  • Septmber 10th – Summer Sizzler [ALL]
  • September 21st – Professional Development Meeting [PROFESSIONAL & COLLEGIATE]
  • September 24th – STEM Days [YOUTH 3-12 GRADE]

2016-2017 Executive Board Application

NSBE Boston Leadership Challenge


NSBE Boston Professionals is excited to announce the 2016-2017 Executive Board positions (including appointed office positions) waiting to be filled by YOU!

NSBE Boston Professionals will be only as strong as its members and chapter leadership. Thus, in order to help ensure NSBE Boston’s future a success, we must be committed to a visionary leadership, continuous improvement, and NSBE’s Mission.

This is your opportunity to positively impact the community.

The following chapter officer leadership positions are open for election:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Programs Chairperson
  6. Membership Chairperson

Below are the appointed chapter officer positions needed to be filled:

  1. Professional Development Chairperson
  2. Collegiate Initiative Chairperson
  3. Pre-College Initiative Chairperson
  4. Finance Chairperson
  5. Public Relations Chairperson
  6. Publications Chairperson
  7. Telecommunications Chairperson
  8. Professional Networking Chairperson
  9. Parliamentarian

If you interested, please complete a leadership application and be sure to attend our June 2016 General Body Meeting/ Elections.


Eligibility CriteriaA candidate for an elected or appointed office must be a paid chapter member in good standing and complete all requirements outlined in the Elections Application guide by the designated deadline.

How do I submit an Election Application/ Nomination Form? Please email completed election applications/ nominations to IB Koleosho – parliamentarian@nsbeboston.org
Completed applications must submitted on or before June 11th, 2016.

Note: You may nominate yourself for any open position, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Where & When can I vote?  Paid members will be able to vote at the June 2016 General Body Meeting on June 14th, 2016.

How do I submit an Application for Appointed Positions? Please email completed applications for appointed positions to IB Koleosho – parliamentarian@nsbeboston.org
Completed applications must submitted on or before June 27th, 2016.

Note: You may nominate yourself for any open position, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you have questions, please contact NSBE Boston Parliamentarian, IB Koleosho –   parliamentarian@nsbeboston.org

NSBE Boston presents the Inaugural “Torch Awards”

2016 Torch Awards


NSBE Boston “Torch Awards” is an annual awards program, launched this year, aimed at increasing our commitment to advancing the NSBE Mission and impacting our community. Some of the awards that will be presented include Professional Achiever of the Year, Professional Member of the Year, Community Achievement Partner, Employee Resource Group of the Year and Collegiate Scholarships presented to our 2016 finalists.

For more information on the Torch Awards or corporate sponsorship oppurtunities, please contact Partnership@nsbeboston.org

RSVP LINK – please use this link to complete the RSVP form.

Nominations are still being accepted for NSBE Boston Professional Member Awards
[All members are encouraged to complete both award categories}

Professional Achiever of the Year  – Link 
This award celebrates the career/ professional achievements of our NSBE Boston Professional members.
All members are encouraged to submit a brief survey highlighting new employment, certifications, degree programs, and career endeavors they have embarked upon this past year.

Professional Member of the Year NominationLink
The award celebrates the NSBE Boston Professional member that has fulfilled the NSBE mission, by showing commitment to academic and professional success, as well as positively impacting the community.
Members should nominate themselves or fellow NSBE Boston Professionals that have made a notable impact in their community this past year, both inside of the NSBE Boston Professionals chapter and outside.

Winners will be announced at the Torch Awards ceremony on April 27th. 

Announcement: NSBE Boston adds Bentley University as a Community Achievement Partner

NSBE Boston Bentley University Partnership
The Executive Board of NSBE Boston Professionals is proud to announce Bentley University’s Graduate School of Business as a our newest Community Achievement Partner.
As a community partner, Bentley University Graduate School of Business will be committed to the terms agreed upon as a Community Achievement Partner.

“Bentley University has a commitment to diversity & inclusion in their graduate education program and NSBE Boston is proud to be a partner” – Ledum Nordee, Treasurer of NSBE Boston Professionals.

One of the key objectives of this partnership between Bentley University Graduate School of Business and NSBE Boston, is to increase the awareness of available graduate education opportunities in Business to NSBE Boston Professionals.

Bentley University’s Commitment
1. One Annual 100% Tuition Scholarship available for a qualified NSBE Boston Professional admitted to the Emerging Leader MBA full-time program starting in the Fall semester;
2. One Annual 100% Tuition Scholarship available for a qualified NSBE Boston Professional admitted to the Bentley MBA program starting in the summer session;
3. One Annual 50% Tuition Scholarship available for a qualified NSBE Boston Professional admitted to any part-time program starting in the Fall semester
4. Active promotion of NSBE Boston Professionals and its scholarship recipients on the Bentley Graduate School web page and social media.


The annual scholarships will be granted as the “Deans Leadership Award” on behalf of NSBE Boston Professionals, to the members interested in the programs offered in the Bentley University Graduate School of Business. For more information on the Bentley University’s “Dean’s Leadership Award”, please visit the NSBE Boston Scholarship page.


For more information on the Bentley University Graduate School of Business and NSBE Boston partnership, please contact Ledum Nordee – treasurer@nsbeboston.org and Katherine Lampley – klampley@bentley.edu


BENTLEY UNIVERSITY is one of the nation’s leading business schools, dedicated to preparing a new kind of business leader – one with the deep technical skills, broad global perspective, and high ethical standards required to make a difference in an ever-changing world. The Graduate School emphasizes the impact of technology on business practice, in offerings that include MBA and Master of Science programs, PhD programs in accountancy and in business, and customized executive education programs. Bentley is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business; and the European Quality Improvement System, which benchmarks quality in management and business education. For more information, please visit www.bentley.edu.

Community Academy of Science and Math (December 2015)

image1 (1)

O’Dane White addressing the 10th graders

Dorchester’s Community Academy of Science and Math reached out to NSBE to give their 9-12 graders exposure into life after high school and what it means to pursue a degree in
the STEM fields – specifically engineering. The NSBE collegiate students and professionals did not mince words with the students and shared the realities of just how hard engineering can be at times and how many of them has instances where they’d considered giving up. The overwhelming theme that the students of CASM got to walk away with, however, was that the unique place engineers have to shape lives of everyday people and shift how we interact with our world has made, and continues to make, the journey worthwhile.

Thank you Community Academy of Science and Math for inviting us to experience your youth!


NSBE leaders (L to R): Janessa Pettway, Phil Simon, Dario Boyce


NSBE Boston President, Chiderah Okoye


CASM student asking a question



2015 Collegiate initiative Scholar: Leonard St. Fort


Each year the NSBE Boston Professionals Chapter looks to highlight exemplary collegiate members that excel academically and display a passion for positively impacting their community. This past year we had the pleasure awarding Leonard StFort for his outstanding community achievements. Learn more about Lenny and how to apply for the 2016 scholarships below.


Photo Nov 11, 3 54 54 PM (1)

2015 Awardee, Lenny StFort

Leonard Revilus StFort, better known to colleagues and friends as Lenny, is a native of Boston, Massachusetts.

Through many different relationships and experiences in his life Lenny has established a set of values that he has found sustaining during his personal and professional endeavors. “My dad wasn’t really present in our lives growing up so my older brother was someone that I really learned from. He would always tell me ‘If you don’t like the situation you’re in, put in the work and focus to change it’,” Lenny shared while explaining how powerful it was from a young age to feel in control of his own circumstances. In addition to his brother’s advice about using hard work to shape his life he also walked away with a critical look at how he spent his time and energy. “The other big thing my brother always pushed me towards was realizing that my time is valuable and if I’m putting my energy into something even as simple as playing video games I need to ask myself why it’s important. It’s one of the things I carry with me to this day. I scrutinize where I spend my energy by asking ‘why'”.

Hospitality Party N.S.B.E. Westin 12-18-15-4593

Lenny being awarded at the 2015 Ebony Gala

Lenny is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell. During his undergraduate career Lenny has witnessed that, within the engineering spectrum, there are endless opportunities to grow and to change the technology we see today. “Engineering shapes our world. It is literally in every little thing we do and interact with and we often don’t even see it,” he went on to add, “I especially love seeing the visions my fellow engineers have for how their work will eventually impact lives. I have a friend that’s a biomedical engineer and he’s doing research right now that could help thousands of people with spinal conditions walk and live comfortably.” He attributes these constant reminders to giving him the drive he has needed to pursue engineering and find a love for what he does.

Lenny became involved with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) when he first started attending the University of Hartford and wanted to get involved with an organization on campus. After searching through the school’s the club directory, he came across NSBE and decided that the organization could be a great fit for him. Lenny’s initiative can also be seen through his desire to serve. Currently he sits on the Region 1 Executive Board of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) as the Region 1 New England Zone Chair and the Region 1 Public Relations Chair for the 2015-2016 term.

Lenny’s service to NSBE are in addition to his concurrent responsibilities as founder and president of the University of Hartford’s Alpha Omega Christian club, leadership roles with the Institute of Electronic and Electrical engineers, and support of the STEM days in the run up to NSBE’s annual convention.

Lenny plans to continue his work within NSBE and his field of study after his graduation. He is looking forward to following up his undergraduate time with either graduate school research or a career involving either innovative technology or computer processor design. Lenny’s dreams is to help develop innovative technology to change the world in which we live and give the next generation hope and path to follow. “I definitely see myself in R&D. I want to be on the forefront of creating something that can change lives for people in the most remote or underprivileged areas”. Still grounded by the impact his role models had on his own life he went on to add “I also feel an obligation to mentor young people here. I didn’t come from much and remember how easy it was to think that I just wouldn’t make it. Sometimes it takes seeing someone like you to know that you can.”



To learn more about to apply for 2016 scholarship please visit www.nsbeboston.org/scholarships for more details.

(January 2016) Mastering your Money

mastering your money

NSBE Professionals at the January PDM

This month’s PDM  took place at the Microsoft NERD Center. NSBE Boston professionals came together to learn how to “Master our Money” in a session led by Lee Ann Fatalo of MetLife. Serious questions like “in what order do I prioritize my wealth building initiatives” and “how do I protect my money while I’m here and for my family after I’m gone” were addressed along with much more.

The evening was filled with great resources and dialogue as our professionals explored ways to secure a better financial future.


(L to R): Chelsie Librun, Membership Chair; Chiderah Okoye, President; Lee Ann Fatalo, MetLife; Renee Robinson, Programs Chair

If you are a paid member of the NSBE Boston chapter please reach out to Membership chair, Chelsie Librun (membership@nsbeboston.org), for access to the free and discounted resources extended to attendees.

Fiyahside Drinks and Discussions (January 2016)


Skylab Executive Director, Brandon Ransom

In honor of Martin Luther King Day the NSBE Boston took the Fiyahside chat to the Boston Charlesmark Hotel! Special Guests, Bridgette Wallace and Brandon Ransom of Skylab Boston, came and discussed the future of innovation and technology within Boston’s urban (and literal) center, Dudley Square. Professionals joined to learn about the opportunities we have within this emerging technical hub and ways that our aspiring entrepreneurs and developers can be a part of expanding the diversity imprint in Boston’s tech and small business world.

For more information on Skylab Boston or to learn more about the innovation in Roxbury check out: www.skylabboston.org/


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