2017-2018 Executive Board Application

NSBE Boston Leadership Challenge

NSBE Boston Professionals is excited to announce the 2017-2018 Executive Board positions (including appointed office positions) waiting to be filled by YOU!

NSBE Boston Professionals will be only as strong as its members and chapter leadership. Thus, in order to help ensure NSBE Boston’s future a success, we must be committed to a visionary leadership, continuous improvement, and NSBE’s Mission.

This is your opportunity to positively impact the community.

The following chapter officer leadership positions are open for election:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Programs Chairperson
  6. Membership Chairperson

Below are the appointed chapter officer positions needed to be filled:

  1. Professional Development Chairperson
  2. Collegiate Initiative Chairperson
  3. Pre-College Initiative Chairperson
  4. Finance Chairperson
  5. Public Relations Chairperson
  6. Publications Chairperson
  7. Telecommunications Chairperson
  8. Professional Networking Chairperson
  9. Parliamentarian

If you interested, please complete a leadership application and be sure to attend our June 2017 General Body Meeting/ Elections.


Leadership Application/Nomination Forms

Application Form for Elected Positions
Detailed Elected Positions Packet

Application Form for Appointed Positions
Detailed Appointed Positions Packet


Eligibility CriteriaA candidate for an elected or appointed office must be a paid chapter member in good standing and complete all requirements outlined in the Elections Application guide by the designated deadline.

How do I submit an Election Application/ Nomination Form? Please complete an election application/ nomination form using the links listed above.
Completed applications must submitted on or before June 12th, 2017.

Note: You may nominate yourself for any open position, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Where & When can I vote?  Paid members will be able to vote at the June 2017 General Body Meeting on June 21st, 2017.

How do I submit an Application for Appointed Positions? Please complete a applications for appointed positions form listed above
Completed applications must submitted on or before June 30th, 2017.

Note: You may nominate yourself for any open position, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you have questions, please contact NSBE Boston Parliamentarian, IB Koleosho –   parliamentarian@nsbeboston.org


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