[Event Recap] Career Level-Up: Upskilling to Engineer or ReEngineer your Career

We were thrilled to co-host our recent Career Level-Up: Upskilling event with MathWorks, and are grateful they shared this recap of the day. Below, Brian Dardy from MathWorks summarizes the event, key insights and resources. We appreciate MathWorks collaborating with us and taking the initiative to provide this overview of our successful joint event:

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your presence at our recent NSBE Boston and MathWorks networking and professional development event. The panel discussion focused on the importance of upskilling in the engineering field, the significance of leadership skills in professional growth, and the role of new technology tools in enhancing career prospects. Your attendance and active participation made the event a resounding success.

The insights shared by our esteemed panelists, Alexis Smith-Attuquayefio, Richard Harris, Glenn Arnold, Leopold Lee, and Melanie DeBarrosg, including their personal experiences and strategies for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, were truly invaluable. We hope that you found their perspectives inspiring and informative.

Group Picture

We are sharing a few items to help you continue upskilling.


Quotes shared during the session:
“Be a lifelong learner, learn something new every day”
“Accept the hard task and figure out how to do it by leaning into it”
“Be open to different perspectives and seek them out”
“Don’t let yourself be the last person in the room, bring someone else along”
“It is never too late to gain higher education, you can always obtain your Masters, MBA, or Ph.D.”
“Advocate for yourself, be confident in your skills, and know your worth”
“Evaluate each hour of your week, and be diligent in carving out time to upskill”
“Emotional intellect is a key to navigating your work and life”

Books shared during the session: 
Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, by Richard H. Thaler
The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran

Micro Certification courses to consider:
MathWorks Online Courses
Self-Paced Online Courses – MATLAB & Simulink


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