Mentor Opportunity with BCYF


BCYF’s Perkins Community Center, located in Dorchester, MA, was awarded a grant for a program designed to help teens excel in various career paths.  The program will focus on four aspects: financial literacy, career development,  networking, leadership and concluding with a two week internship. This program is geared towards teens, ages 13-18.

During the internship, the teens will work with a designated mentor to learn about their career field.  Each mentor will be assigned 3 mentees and will meet with their mentee group one day a week, for two weeks.  Each meeting will last 1.5 hours. The first meeting will focus on learning the roles and responsibilities in the mentor’s career field and respective job.  In the second week, each  mentor and mentee group will design a project to present to the program participants during the final week of the project.

We all know the statistics of our black communities and it is our duty to be the change that is needed to help the younger generation succeed.   I would like to invite you to be a part of this amazing program by serving as a mentor.

Week 1 of internship: May 11th-16th

Week 2 of internship: May 25th-30th

Commitment:  One day a week for 1.5 hours, time will be determined by mentor and mentee group availability. Mentor meetings to be held at Perkins Community Center (open Monday to Friday 1p-9p and Saturdays 9a-5p)

Culminating Event/Project Presentation (includes food and beverages) on May 30th @1:30pm

Interested in being a mentor?  SIGN UP HERE! 


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