Mentoring goes beyond the traditional teacher-student relationship – effective mentors serve as advisers, coaches, teachers, sounding boards, cheerleaders, and critics all rolled into one. Mentors give those with less experience in some areas an opportunity to improve their understanding of practices, discuss problems, and analyze and learn from mistakes in an atmosphere that is collaborative, constructive, and confidential. This is a formal mentorship program that will last four months. We look forward to this journey with you!

There will be an option to sign up as a mentor, mentee or both! We encourage our members to sign up as both as we can all benefit and learn from each other at all stages of our careers.

We will match people based on the areas that they want and need help in ranging from: wanting job and career help, being new to an area, wanting to change career, and entrepreneurial experience.



During our matching period, you will be matched with one or two persons based on criteria from your profile and mentoring needs. We may reach out to you for additional information if your profile is incomplete or additional information is needed to match you properly

Re-assignment : if you wish to be reassigned to another person for whatever reason, feel free to reach out to the membership chair and you will be assisted appropriately.

Important Dates

    • Mentor/Mentee enrollment: September 21st through Oct 26th
      Last day to accept/decline match requests: November 1st
      Kick-off call: November 5th
      1st Check in: November 14, 2018
      Month 1 check in: December 14, 2018
      Month 2 check in: January 14, 2019
      Month 3 check in: February 14 2019
      Final check in: March 14, 2019
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