The National Society of Black Engineers Boston Professionals Announces Partnership with Hack.Diversity 




Boston, MA – The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Boston proudly announces its silver-level partnership with Hack.Diversity, a pioneering organization dedicated to breaking down barriers and building access for the next generation in tech. 


Hack.Diversity’s commitment to increasing access and representation in tech is exemplified through its unique operating model, which involves partnering with companies to tap into the full potential of the talent landscape and co-design impactful strategies to transform the workplace for all employees. By regularly evaluating internal organizational systems and team culture, and engaging in a co-designing process, Hack.Diversity ensures a strategic and sustainable impact on both companies and the broader ecosystem.


“Through our partnership with NSBE Boston Professionals, we seek to increase access and representation in the Boston tech ecosystem,” said Michelle De La Isla, Chief Executive Officer of Hack.Diversity. “With NSBE’s commitment to equity and persistence in the tech space for Black technologists, our collective efforts and collaboration are special and exciting at this time. We are thrilled to be partnering here on so many levels across the tech ecosystem.”


NSBE Boston and Hack.Diversity aim to collaborate on shared missions and values grounded in visibility, collaboration, and persistence in the tech space. Together, they seek to ensure a partnership that serves Hack.Diversity Fellows, Alumni, Host Companies, and champions, alongside NSBE members, partners, and collaborators, strengthening the tech ecosystem for Black technologists and advocates.


“We are excited to join forces with Hack.Diversity, an organization that continues to deliver opportunities for our membership and the experienced and aspiring technologists we serve,” said Alexis Smith-Attuquayefio, President of the NSBE Boston chapter. “Our partnership reflects a recognition that this work requires a shared vision and effective collaboration among locally based community partners. We look forward to strengthening our relationship, providing opportunities to reach new networks, and multiplying our impact. This partnership will foster a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem, where the next generation can thrive and contribute to meaningful innovation.”


About Hack.Diversity: 

Founded in 2016, Hack.Diversity is on a mission to transform the economy by breaking down barriers and building access for the next generation in tech. Hack.Diversity partners with industry to invest in a strategic business priority: tap into the full potential of the talent landscape by shifting toward skills-based evaluation for early-career technical talent to grow with an organization. Hack.Alumni have not only been retained and promoted at employer partners but have also gone on to contribute to other pillars of the innovation economy. Over eight program cycles, Hack.Diversity has grown into a movement of belonging in the tech workplace, achieving generational wealth-building impact in Boston and New York City.


For more information about Hack.Diversity, visit https://www.hackdiversity.com


For media inquiries, please contact:

Mekides Mezgebu

Public Relations Chair- NSBE Boston



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