NSBE Boston & Partners HealthCare lead dialogue on Health Tech Innovation

On Thursday, October 26th Partners HealthCare hosted NSBE Boston and the general community on how they and event co-sponsor, DRAPER, are leading the charge on bridging the gap to affordable care and better health outcomes for the U.S.

(L to R) NSBE Boston, Chiderah Okoye; MBLA, Courtney Scrubbs; Partners HealthCare, Marcela Aldaz-Matos & Erin McKenna; DRAPER, Anthony Costin; NSBE Boston, Ladi Olaoye; DRAPER, Haleh Armian

The 2017 NSBE Boston Emerging Tech Talk Keynote Speaker, Erin McKenna, of Partners HealthCare, led a discussion on the role of innovation funds and the incubator/accelerator communities in bridging the viability gap for innovation and matching applications to where the resources are needed most.

Then DRAPER Lightning Talk presenters, Haleh Armian & Anthony Coston, showcased ways DRAPER and others are leading innovations to drive down the cost of treatment in issues ranging from advanced mental health diagnosis to detection of life-threatening respiratory conditions. They were engaged in a panel discussion led by President of the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association and Sanofi Legal Counsel, Courtney Scrubbs.

Special thanks to the evening’s showcase presenters and the entire NSBE Boston community that contributed to an awesome evening of conversation and idea sharing!

View photos from the event below!


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