NSBE National Convention & Housing Subsidy for Boston members

We would like to invite you to attend the 2018 NSBE National Convention taking place in Pittsburgh, PA from March 21st to March 25th. The NSBE National Conference features tech sessions, professional development sessions, industry round tables, access to certifications, networking opportunities, and more. We encourage all of our membership to look into attending the national convention and take advantage of the benefits of the society.

Technical Professional Conference (TPC) Agenda can be found here: https://guidebook.com/guide/109443/schedule/#date/03-21-2018/track/314788

Seeking support from your Employer

The NSBE National conference presents a full lifecycle of professional development opportunities. For this reason we encourage members to not only have their employers count their days at convention as training days, but to also consider covering the costs or travel, food, and lodging (or some subset of that).

Strategies include using the agenda to map out exactly which sessions you will be attending and how they help meet your organization’s development goals (Pro tip: Do not include the career fai in any write-ups to employers lol) and coming up with a justification of how the conference will make you a stronger member of your team. Here is an article that outlines steps for How to Convince Your Manager to Send You to a Conference . We ask that you explore all options with your employer as a first stop before you look to use the NSBE Boston housing subsidy.

NSBE Boston Housing Subsidy

For those that are not able to have their employers subsidize the full cost of the National Convention, NSBE Boston will be offering a housing subsidy to help lessen the cost. We will cover the full duration of your stay with the exception of a $75 down payment from you to ensure that you will be putting the room to use. You must be a paid member to be eligible for the chapter subsidy. NOTE: In instances where we are able we will pair you with a same gender roommate from our chapter.

The deadline for reserving your space (i.e., completing the form and putting in your $75 contribution) is February 12, 2018.

If you are interested in using the Boston members subsidy for National Convention complete the following form: NSBE Boston Housing Subsidy.



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