NSBE ‘ A Walk for Education’ in the Roxbury Neighborhood of Boston

Volunteers at the 2017 NSBE Boston ‘A Walk For Education’

On Saturday, October 28th, more than thirty volunteers including professionals from NSBE Boston, Southern New England NSBE (SNEATP) and students from U. Conn, Wentworth Institute of Tech., & U. Mass Lowell NSBE chapters, canvassed the Orchard Gardens community in the Roxbury Neighborhood, telling students and parents of the opportunities available to them in STEM Education & Careers.

Volunteers led by Loren Murphy, NSBE Boston’s Pre-Collegiate Initiative (PCI) Chair, walked the Orchard Gardens and Dudley area, handing out information on higher education, scholarship information, SAT/ACT preparation tools, NSBE and shared information on the benefits of majoring in STEM fields. NSBE Boston also provided halloween treats to residents.



Murphy believes the walk for education was important in the visited areas of the Roxbury neighborhood, “because oftentimes women and minorities feel they have no place in STEM fields, and hoped the walk set an example for most”.


UMass Lowell NSBE

“Our mission on Saturday was accomplished! This was a major effort to show the residents of Orchard Gardens and Roxbury, that Success in STEM careers is possible, achievable and can be done. We also wanted to place a NSBE Boston stamp in the community, letting residents know more about our programs and resources we provide for free.” said Sherly Denis, 2017 NSBE Boston “A Walk for Education” Co-Chair.





The annual A Walk for Education is a nationally recognized grassroots program in which NSBE members go door to door in under served minority communities, with an aim to  “to increase awareness of the opportunities available through education particularly in the STEM fields and to shatter myths about African-Americans in math, science, engineering and other technologies”.


NSBE Boston Pre-Collegiate Initiative (PCI) & BOSSquad meets monthly to promote STEM to children K-12. For more information on NSBE Boston PCI or upcoming BOSSquad events, please visit the NSBE Boston PCI page.


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