NSBE Boston Scholarship Program

The NSBE Boston Scholarship program was established to support our professional members and college students members majoring in disciplines related to the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Our scholarships are open to all members actively engaged in NSBE’s programs, such as the NSBE Pre-College Initiative (PCI), that provides awareness, access to resources and mentoring for underserved youth in Boston interested in STEM.

In accordance with the NSBE mission to “increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers that succeed professional, excel academically, and positively impact the community”, the NSBE Boston Professionals scholarship program supports all levels of NSBE’s membership through travel awards to conferences & training, grants for STEM initiatives at middle or high schools, grants for STEM programming at college chapters and also rewarding academic and civic achievements.

NSBE Boston Scholarship Opportunities
NSBE Boston STEM Ambassador College Scholarship award
NSBE Boston Chapter Grant program (for NSBE Jr. and NSBE Collegiate chapters)
NSBE Boston & Bentley University Graduate School Scholarship awards
NSBE National College and Graduate School Scholarship awards


Scholarship Resources

[maxbutton id=”6″ text=”NSBE National Scholarships” url=”http://connect.nsbe.org/Scholarships/ScholarshipList.aspx”] [maxbutton id=”6″ text=”NSBE Boston Scholarships” url=”https://www.nsbeboston.org/programs/scholarships/stem-ambassador/”] [maxbutton id=”6″ text=”Bentley University Graduate Scholarships” url=”https://www.nsbeboston.org/programs/scholarships/bentley/”] [maxbutton id=”6″ text=”NSBE Boston Chapter Grants” url=”https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe-Zj_s6OAtLMAT1N2ofPvqYSw_tV5mr1Kasl1jrsGxmO5TsQ/viewform”] [maxbutton id=”6″ text=”NACME Scholarships” url=”http://www.nacme.org/scholarships”]


Your gift helps fulfill our mission to provide opportunities & resources to Black students. 

INSPIRE STEM with NSBE Boston Today!

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