What is [G]Code House?

Bridgette Wallace and [G]Code House designer, Carolle Nau,

Bridgette Wallace launches [G]Code House.

Bridgette Wallace, a longtime friend of NSBE Boston, and her team are kicking off an initiative to support homeless women of color and training them to code. After encountering young women in Boston area homeless shelters and seeing how energized they were to learn new skills including coding it spurred the idea to create the [G]Code House.

After purchasing an old Victorian house in Roxbury she and the team began a project to incubate and house 14 young women for two years while the training on programming and financial best practices while they are guided to internships and full-time opportunities. To read more about this incredible project check out the article on Fast Company.

Bridgette will be reaching out to members of our community to for support (future board members, fundraisers, etc).


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